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Why Learning Targets

The "Why" Haddon has Learning Targets know as Lion Landmarks measured throughout the year with multiple opportunities to reach grade level landmark. 


Learn more about Proficiency Based Learning which is helping to guide the work of Haddon Lion Landmarks at TK-5.   

UCLA Math Mapper

UCLA Math Mapper 


The CCSS-M Mapper shows prerequisite and interdependency relationships between Common Core State Standards of Mathematics as maps where the standards are depicted as nodes and the their relationships are shown as directed links between nodes. Prerequisite links indicate that the mathematics in a standard require it to be taught before the second standard can be taught and interdependence links are used to show standards that should be taught in parallel.


Examples: --> prerequisite-to--> means that standard should be taught before <--> interdependent-to<--> means that standard can be taught in parallel with

Scope and Sequence with Milestones

Scope and Sequence with Learning Targets "Lion Milestones"

Unwrapping The Math Standards

Unwrapping the Math Standards

Examples by grade level of unwrapping math standards

Math Resources

Math Resources 

Links for CCSS math curriculum and content.  

Math Formative

Math Formative

Formative Math at K-5

Math Curriculum Guides 2017-18

Google Docs 2017-18


Eureka Haddon Landmarks







Teach Expectations to Shape Behavior

Read more from LAUSD Special Education Division of Instruction



The Haddon Pledge